1) Who are we?
Put simply; getfreefollowers.in is a powerful Social Media platform! We are one of the oldest, and most trusted social exchange websites on the internet today. With us, you are able to expand your business/brand through the top social media networks with a simple click of your mouse.
2) How does it work?
getfreefollowers.in is a social exchange system. This means that you are able to grow and market your network by "exchanging" likes, followers, subscribers, shares, views and more!

Our exchange system allows you to pick and choose who you want to follow, like, view and skip those who you are not interested in. The exchange system is very simple. Every time you like, follow, or view another members social media pages you will receive coins which then you can use to get more followers, likes, views or visitors to your website or social media pages.
3) What are Coins?
As we are a social exchange website, we use a virtual currency called "Coins". When you first register, you will automatically receive 50-100 Coins in your account to get you started right away. You can use your coins to put a virtual price on things like Facebook likes, Twitter followers or even your YouTube video views. With each like, follow view or share you make, you will receive more coins in return so that you can grow and market your own social media accounts or websites.
4) Can I buy "virtual" Coins?
Although getfreefollowers.in is completely free to use, you can actually buy coins. Simply click on the "Buy Coins" link.
5) What is CPC?
CPC = Coins Per Click. If you have your Coins Per Click set higher than everybody else, then you will show up first

and get your fans, followers or subscribers faster than everyone else.
6) How can I get clicks faster?
You can get clicks faster by putting your CPC up higher and you will show up before all other users. You can put

your CPC up to 15 if you purchase a VIP membership, and you will be the first person showing up on each page.
7) How many accounts can I make?
You are strictly only allowed one account. If you create more than one account, all of your accounts will be banned

and any coins/cash will be lost.
8) Can I earn money?
Yes you can. There are 2 ways to earn money with us.

1. Free Referrals:
All you have to do is to promote our website with your special affiliate link and our banners.

What you can win:
250 coins and $0.1 for each user that sign up to our site
20% from money spent by your referrals, on our site

This means for every 4x people you send to getfreefollowers.in, you will potentially earn 1000 coins - which is $0.2 - plus $0.4. You can find more info, on our Affiliate section.

2. Exchanges:
All you have to do is make as many exchanges on our website as possible. Each click is worth money to you. After you have enough coins, you can transfer them to cash using our Coins to Cash option.

Minimum cash-out is only $1.00. This means when you have earned at least $1.00, you can request to withdraw your funds.

Note : Recently this "Cash Out" option has been disabled due to system maintenance. We'll get this back on ASAP.
9) How do I use my coins?
Your coins are automatically deducted from your account every time a member likes your page, watches your video, surfs your site, follows you... As long as you have a url set to active. if you set your url to disabled it will not use your coins.
10) Will I receive payment instantly?
Yes, your request will be checked and sent automaticaly. So as soon as you request to withdraw your earnings, our system will automatically send an invoice to your PayPal account.

Note : Recently this "Cash Out" option has been disabled due to system maintenance. We'll get this back on ASAP.