Pinterest Follow How to get Followers on Pinterest fast

Want to increase your Follower base on Pinterest? Then you need to try Get Free Followers. We provide a FREE service to increase your Pinterest engagement and drive traffic.

Imagine a website sort of like Facebook, only instead of people liking a post, they shared it instead. And then their friends shared it too if they liked it, and so on. Can you start to imagine the sort of traffic you might see from this?

When I first got started, I felt like I had missed out on being an early adopter (I saw my first Pinterest traffic about a year ago), but after a few months of using it, I don't feel that way at all, because it's not that hard to catch up. All you need is some targeted quality followers - and now you have a tool like Get Free Followers on your hands - automating it all for you. In our days, we had to do it all by ourselves - manually!

Here is how we are helping you on this :
  1. Add your Pinterest profile and let Get Free Followers automatically build a targeted followers' base for you.
  2. Follow other Pinterest profiles and let them follow you back. What more is, you can also earn a few bucks making Pinterest Follow this way - you'll soon find out how.

How to add Pinterest Follow

You were probably like me, knowing that you should be on it, but couldn't really be bothered to divide your time over another social network (hello Google+), and kind of just hoped that you wouldn't have to. If you use Get Free Followers, then you really don't have to give it much time!

You need to just add your Pinterest profile for others to Follow it here and see the Followers count increasing withing few days. Now just host some advertisement in your pages which you pinned in Pinterest and convert that Pinterest traffic to a sizeable revenue. Below is how you can do this :

  1. Log in to Get Free Followers.
  2. Navigate to Add Page url.
  3. Select Pinterest Followers from the drop-down.
  4. Profile URL must be something like:
  5. Fill up the required fields and give a CPC (Coins per Click - we've discussed about CPC later in this section). Now click on the Add Page button to submit it.

Points to Remember:
  1. Now your profile is added to the Pinterest Follow exchange. But it needs some coins (at least same as its CPC), to be visible for the other users to Follow it. Participate in our social exchanges - there's a host of networks in Get Free Followers - to earn coins.
  2. CPC is the amount of Coins that is deducted from your Get Free Followers account, when other users will Follow your profile. The more it is - more people is interested to Follow your profile - as they'll receive more coins for that. So always try to put a higher CPC for your profile to get more followers.

How to earn Coins making Pinterest Follow

You can also boost your followers count by following other users in your similar niche. The more Pinterest follower you will have, the more chances to succeed and sell online. But the real secret is the quality of followers and not the numbers only.

Get Free Followers has a unique user-base - everyone of them is very responsive. So once they see some one from their similar niche following them, they'll follow you back too - as they get coins in return for doing this - similar to what you will have. The added benefit of being a part of us is, you can also convert these coins to REAL money from the Coins to Cash section.

Below is how you can earn coins making Pinterest Follow :

  1. Log in to Get Free Followers.
  2. Navigate to Pinterest Follow exchange page.
  3. 1st, read through the Exchange guidelines and Anyone breaking any of the below ... sections carefully.
  4. Click on the button.
  5. From the Pop-up window, find the Follow button on the top right - as highlighted in the sample screenshot below, and then click on it to follow the user.Pinterest Follow button
  6. In case you are interested in any one or more of the boards more than the user, you can also follow those instead of the user - using the Follow button at the bottom of the board - highlighted above. You'll also be able to receive coins by doing this.
  7. Now close the pop-up manually to receive coins.

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