Reverbnation Fans How to get Reverbnation Fans

Many musicians do not take full advantage of Reverbnation and some may not even know about it. ReverbNation has over 2.62 million users in the music industry - artists, managers, labels, venues, festivals / events - with powerful, easy-to-use technology to promote and prosper online.

Reverbnation is the hub for online music presence. Reverbnation is Myspace's rightful heir in the music realm. Not only does it offer you a whole plethora of possibilities to set up your music profile and market it, but it also links to both Facebook and Twitter. This makes Reverbnation a really streamlined hub for all your social media activities.

Reverbnation is really the hub where you can sync everything up, so even if you don't create your webpage and get your domain, having a Reverbnation account is definitely one of the more important social media steps you should take. However, having a separate domain and site that's run solely by you is, and should be, on your list of priorities.

How can you earn Coins by being a Fan

I repeat, engage and interact. It is important for you to spend time as often as you can browsing through fans, venues, bands, labels, and/or management companies who have developed their presence on Reverbnation.

More than likely they are there for the same reason we all are... to market, promote, and share our music with the music community in order to find our audience and develop a following in which to interact.

In Get Free Followers, we also reward you by paying you, when you Fan others on Reverbnation. You gain coins by doing so - an added benefit. Then you can convert these coins to REAL money from the Coins to Cash section.

Below is how you can earn Coins by being a Fan :
  1. Log in to Get Free Followers.
  2. Navigate to Reverbnation Fans exchange page.
  3. 1st, read through the Exchange guidelines and Anyone breaking any of the below ... sections carefully.
  4. Next - please attach your Reverbnation Fan account - using the text-box shown in the exchange page. Please enter your Fan-page url here - of the form :<FAN ID>.

    You can find your Reverbnation Fan id using the steps described on the next section.
  5. Once you have successfully attached your Reverbnation Fan account, you'll be taken to the the Reverbnation accounts you can Fan. You'll see a button for the accounts you can be a Fan of - click on it.
  6. A dialog window will open - find the Become a Fan button as displayed in below screenshot - click on it.Reverbnation Fans dialog
  7. In the next page of the dialog (as displayed in the above screenshot), you need to confirm and put a message. You can keep the message box empty and click on the Confirm button. You've been given enough timeout period - 5 minutes - to complete these steps! So don't worry - the dialog is not going to close so early before you can have the coins awarded.
  8. Now close the pop-up manually to receive coins.

Reverbnation Fan id

Follow the below steps to find your Reverbnation Fan id :
  1. Log in to Reverbnation - as a Fan.Reverbnation account settings
  2. From the right-top menu options - where your account details are displayed - select "Settings" - as displayed in the above screenshot.Reverbnation Fan id
  3. On the Reverbnation account settings page, please copy the Fan id - as highlighted on the above screenshot.

How to add Reverbnation account

How Reverbnation takes you and your music to the next level happens in various ways. From everything, to connecting your whole network of musicians together under one page to allowing to take those different widgets and banners and different things that lead to certain sites back to your own web page, where you can link everybody from here to your Reverbnation.

You can track people on your Reverbnation; it expands you to new artists that you can collaborate with and have shows with; it allows you to understand the way you're promoting and see your marketing and how it is actually working, if it's working; and Reverbnation works with the artist. Below is how you can use the Get Free Followers tool to get the most out of Reverbnation:

  1. Log in to Get Free Followers.
  2. Navigate to Add Page url.
  3. Select Reverbnation Fans from the drop-down.
  4. Fill up the required fields and give a CPC (Coins per Click - we've discussed about CPC later in this section). Now click on the Add Page button to submit it.

Points to Remember:
  1. You need a Reverbnation Artist account (not a Fan account) - to be able to add it in our Reverbnation Fans exchange. Following section describes how you can find your Reverbnation Artist account's url.
  2. Now your account is added to the Reverbnation Fans exchange. But it needs some coins (at least same as its CPC), to be visible for the other users to become a Fan. Participate in our social exchanges - there's a host of networks in Get Free Followers - to earn coins.
  3. CPC is the amount of Coins that is deducted from your Get Free Followers account, when other users will become a Fan of your account. The more it is - more people is interested to be a Fan - as they'll receive more coins for that. So always try to put a higher CPC for your page to get more Fans.

To become a featured artist all you have to do is write in and then you can be featured on their main page if they approve or if they have space. And, it just, over all allows you to become more in control of your music and what you choose to do with it, whether it be sell it individually, search for a label, look for partners or look for a venue to get a show or a management company. It really allows you to take that production and that album you have and promote it in the way it should be online and takes you to the next level and make you a success.

Reverbnation Artist url

Follow the below steps to find your Reverbnation Artist url :
  1. Log in to Reverbnation - as an Artist.
  2. Go to your Artist page - and copy the url from your browser's location bar - that's it!

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