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Let people know about your MySpace Music. It's as simple as creating a widget or a song, or a video or an image and attempt to 'infect' the MySpace community with it - using Get Free Followers.

MySpace, which has subtly dropped the middle Cap, used to be a big social network at the turn of the millennium. Its public profiles allowed users to upload photos, post short messages on other users' profiles, send emails using the internal messaging system and receive updates from the much loved "Tom" (co-founder Tom Anderson, who left the company in 2009).

MySpace was probably best known for providing a way for up and coming artists to host music tracks through a customised music player. Users could add the tracks to a personalised track list on their own profiles.

The advent of Facebook led to the mass exodus of millions of users from MySpace, except for the musicians, who found the social network to be the best place to advertise themselves as a brand, not just their music. This was unlike rival website SoundCloud, which started in 2007 and focuses on being an audio distribution platform.

Facebook eventually got the hang of artist/company promotion with Facebook Pages, but MySpace continued to be the place where musicians start making a name for themselves.

So it's no wonder that the new MySpace has a completely different focus. We spoke to Christian Parkes, MySpace's Marketing VP who explained the change: "What you're looking at from the new MySpace is a completely different proposition from what has previously existed." When the company was sold, the new owners ushered in a new philosophy.

"We went into this with the understanding that we were building for musicians, artists and the creative communities that surround them. Central to this was the desire to build a platform that gave people the ability to connect, share and discover – in a cohesive, efficient way. It was important that we provide the best tools and functionality, accompanied by a canvas that users could make their own."

You have to increase the number of song plays and profile views. Be versatile while increasing your song plays so that you can target maximum number of people as MySpace is visited by people of all age group. MySpace has a special provision for singers like you. The software that we provide for the song plays will help you to record maximum number of songs and increase your popularity.

How to add MySpace Music

Do you want to have more listen, comment, repost FASTER? You may have already seen some sites providing such service for some fees. Here comes - Get Free Followers. They can help you and make you really satisfy - as they provide all these for FREE!

Here are some simple steps - that explains how you can do this :

  1. Log in to Get Free Followers.
  2. Navigate to Add Page url.
  3. Select MySpace Music Play from the drop-down.
  4. Fill up the required fields and give a CPC (Coins per Click - we've discussed about CPC later in this section). Now click on the Add Page button to submit it.

Points to Remember:
  1. Now your MySpace track is added to the MySpace Music Play exchange. But it needs some coins (at least same as its CPC), to be visible for the other users to play it. Participate in our social exchanges - there's a host of networks in Get Free Followers - to earn coins.
  2. CPC is the amount of Coins that is deducted from your Get Free Followers account, when other users will play your MySpace track. The more it is - more people is interested to play it - as they'll receive more coins for that. So always try to put a higher CPC for your MySpace track to get more plays.

MySpace Music URL

Well it's rather very straight-forward to find the MySpace Music URL for your track.
  1. Find your track in MySpace, that you want to add in Get Free Followers". Click on the track's image.
  2. This should take you to the track's MySpace page, and the URL should be similar to:
  3. Copy the URL from the browser's location bar. That should be the URL you can use as your MySpace Music URL, to add in Get Free Followers, as mentioned in the last section of this article.

How to earn Coins playing MySpace Music

The lifeblood of the MySpace community is interaction. If you find a track you like, comment, provide positive feedback — try to avoid single word comments like nice, cool, awesome, etc., because they appear spammy or robot generated — and repost. The number one thing to remember is that MySpace is a community where you can make friends and network with fellow performers. Do this, and in the longterm you’ll neither have the desire or the need to buy listens on MySpace.

Oh yes - you can also make money out of it. Get Free Followers pays it's users with some virtual coins - to reward their interaction in all the social networks. You can easily convert this to REAL money using the Coins to Cash section and withdraw that whenever you want - minimum amount required for withdraw is only $1!

Below is how you can earn coins playing other users' MySpace tracks :

  1. Log in to Get Free Followers.
  2. Navigate to MySpace Music Play exchange page.
  3. 1st, read through the Exchange guidelines and Anyone breaking any of the below ... sections carefully.
  4. Click on the button.MySpace track dialog
  5. From the Pop-up window, hover over the Play Area - as highlighted in the sample screenshot above - it will bring up the Play button for the track. Click on it.
  6. Play the track for at least 10 seconds to receive coins.
  7. Now close the pop-up manually to receive coins.

Points to Remember:
  1. Do keep in mind that, you need to stay logged in to your MySpace account - to like any track. To get through the MySpace Music Like exchange quickly, it's recommended you log-in to your MySpace account before starting the exchange.

Yet another benefit to listening, commenting, and reposting other artists tracks on MySpace, the potential of networking and creating artistic opportunity with other artists. Through discovering new music and artists you could very well be developing connections that could lead to working with more experienced performers who've developed a larger or different audience than your own. Collaborating on a few tracks with another artist may be a way of taking yourself to the next level.

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