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One single statement will tell you why it'll be a mistake to overlook Stumbleupon : in 2011, Forbes published findings that Stumbleupon had surpassed even Facebook as a source of social media traffic in the United States. Get Free Followers is the 1st in the world to provide you such a service!

In fact, using Stumbleupon to drive traffic to your site can produce some amazing results. That's huge traffic, and it can create some pretty lucrative income stream. The only problem is that traffic isn't very targeted, and your conversion rates may suck. I don't know about you, but I'd rather have a modest stream of traffic but high conversion rates rather than high traffic stream and low conversion rates.

The first and most important thing you should do when you join Stumbleupon is to set up a comprehensive profile. Include a compelling image along with a list of your interests. This information makes it easier for other Stumbleupon members to find you and determine whether or not you're someone they want to connect with.

Make sure you only use one Stumbleupon account. Creating multiple accounts is against the Stumbleupon Terms of Service.

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How to add URL to get Stumbleupon Likes

When you submit content to Stumbleupon, it will appear along with a lot of other links, so it's important that you give your submissions a chance to stand out from the clutter. Be sure to write a great title and description for each of your submissions and include relevant keyword tags to make it easier for people to find your content in searches. Include an image whenever possible to draw attention to your submissions.

Furthermore, it's important that you focus on submitting only the truly great content that you publish or find online; this will help build your reputation among the Stumbleupon community as a member who shares useful content. In other words, they'll believe that it's worth their time to click on your links because they expect you to share only the best content.

Once you have done that - rather than waiting for other Stumbleupon users to vote on your posts, instead you can have Get Free Followers do this job for you! So if you want to save your time, you can add your site in Get Free Followers and let our users do it for you - you won't need to pay a dime for this - this service is FREE! You'll soon see the number of likes increasing in few days. Below is how you can do this:

  1. Log in to Get Free Followers.
  2. Navigate to Add Page url.
  3. Select Stumbleupon Likes from the drop-down.
  4. Fill up the required fields and give a CPC (Coins per Click - we've discussed about CPC later in this section). Now click on the Add Page button to submit it.

Points to Remember:
  1. Now your page is added to the Stumbleupon Likes exchange. But it needs some coins (at least same as its CPC), to be visible for the other users to like it. Participate in our social exchanges - there's a host of networks in Get Free Followers - to earn coins.
  2. CPC is the amount of Coins that is deducted from your Get Free Followers account, when other users will like your page. The more it is - more people is interested to like it - as they'll receive more coins for that. So always try to put a higher CPC for your page to get more likes.

Earn Coins by liking on Stumbleupon

You can certainly promote your own content on Stumbleupon, but if that is all you do, then it's not likely that you will create a strong following since, like all social platforms, Stumbleupon works well when you are social. That means that you contribute other people's valuable content to the discussion.

Get Free Followers encourages you to do the same by paying you while you like others' contents on Stumbleupon. You gain coins by doing so - an added benefit. Then you can convert these coins to REAL money from the Coins to Cash section.

Below is how you can earn Coins by liking on Stumbleupon :
  1. Log in to Get Free Followers.
  2. Navigate to Stumbleupon Likes exchange page.
  3. 1st, read through the Exchange guidelines and Anyone breaking any of the below ... sections carefully.
  4. You'll see a button for the pages that you can like on Stumbleupon - click on it.Stumbleupon Like dialog
  5. A dialog window will open. Your requested page will get automatically added to your likes.
  6. Remember this : Clicking on the "Stumble" button on this pop-up will take you to Stumbleupon - where you can Stumble other sites. So DON'T CLICK ON IT!
  7. Rather - click on the Close button as displayed in above screenshot, or just close the pop-up manually - and receive coins.

Besides, Stumbleupon does monitor user activity and may prohibit activity if all you do is promote your own stuff. The point of Stumbleupon is to build up content in its collection that adds value to the community. This will keep you in good standing according to their Terms of Service and add credibility to your name in the community.

Keep in mind that you can view which of your discoveries have been viewed the most. It will give you an indication of what people like and don't like to see. This will be helpful when it comes to sharing your own content... you want to be able to submit content that will resonate with the audience.

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